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Here's the list of content points that I have compiled earlier.

  1.   The location of Pompeii remained unknown.
  2.   Molten rock had poured over the area from later eruptions.
  3.   This had altered the shape of the coast.
  4.   Debris from excavations had obscured the site.
  5.   Rainwater had hastened the decay of the site.
  6.   Fiorelli's approach was disciplined/orderly.
  7.   He removed all the debris.
  8.   He installed a drainage system.
  9.   He made a systematic study of the ruins.
10.   He traced the perimeter walls.
11.   He mapped out the site/divided it into districts.
12.   He identified/numbered the buildings.
13.   He gave each object a precise description.
14.   He recorded its position.
15.   He left discoveries in their positions.
16.   He recorded his progress in journals.
17.   He realised that human remains could be found.
18.   He noticed there was a cavity.
19.   He ordered liquid plaster to be poured into it.
20.   He allowed it to solidify.
21.   He had the surrounding ash removed.
22.   He revealed figures/victims.

>> Activity
: Apply style to these content points

Remember that you should use your own words as far as possible, check your mechanical accuracy, and have varied sentence structure. You may want to classify these points into the 3 key areas required by the question, so as to have better organisation and linking for your summary. For now, do not worry about the word limit.

When you're done, we shall take a look at 2 sample summaries of the same passage done by 2 candidates!


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