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Learning Points

Let's review the summary writing skills we have learned together!

Summary Question

  • Read the question properly.

  • Pick out the key instruction words.

  • Check the area of text to be summarised.

  • Keep to the word limit laid down for the summary.

  • Use the opening words provided in the question.


  • Locate and identify at least 15 content points.

  • Avoid the distractors and elaboration points.


  • Organise your content points according to key areas required by the question.

  • Use your words as far as possible.

  • Use a variety of sentence structures.

  • Use linking devices.

  • Check that your summary does not have grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed this online lesson on summary writing!

Keep practising, and remember to use the skills you have learnt here today to write better summaries!


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