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Paragraph 10

Read the paragraph and pick out the content points.

The moment of discovery occurred in February 1863, when a workman accidentally made a hole in a mound at the site. Fiorelli noticed that there was a cavity of some sort. He ordered liquid plaster to be poured, into the cavity and given time to solidify. He had the surrounding ash removed, revealing a complete figure that was uncannily life-like. Eventually, he was responsible for many victims being uncovered by this technique, and people's fascination grew as the intimate details of Pompeii's tragic story were disclosed. The plaster casts fixed the terror and desperation of that long ago disaster in a kind of eternal present.

Once again, keep in mind that the question requires you to identify 3 key areas:

1.   The problems Fiorelli faced when he began his work.
2.   The methods he employed to restore the ancient city accurately.
3.   How he used the volcanic ash to produce his most dramatic discoveries.

>> Activity: Write down the content points from this paragraph.

Yes, we've finally reached the last paragraph! Do you have at least 15 content points in your list?

If you don't have at least 15 points, you need to go back to the paragraphs to identify more content points!

If you have at least 15 points, good job! Now, let's review the content points together!


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