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Paragraph 7

Read the paragraph and pick out the content points.

As he worked, he recorded his progress in journals to help future archaeologists, many of whom followed this lead set by Fiorelli. As a result of his excavations, all manner of household items were found: eggs and fish were discovered lying on a dining table, as well as pots containing meat bones. Personal items of every kind turned up, like jewellery, cosmetics, perfume and combs. In a way, voices could be heard as well, as the graffiti that were uncovered gave insight into the lives of the citizens of Pompeii. Among these scribblings on the walls were messages from lovers, personal attacks and casual observations on the world in general. The excavation told a story of ordinary life stopped in its tracks.

Once again, keep in mind that the question requires you to identify 3 key areas:

1.   The problems Fiorelli faced when he began his work.
2.   The methods he employed to restore the ancient city accurately.
3.   How he used the volcanic ash to produce his most dramatic discoveries.

>> Activity: Write down the content points from this paragraph.

It seems tough to find a content point in this paragraph! Could you find one? If you're done with this paragraph, let's move on to the next paragraph!


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