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Paragraph 5

Read the paragraph and pick out the content points.

Fiorelli set as his goal the total recovery of the vanished city of Pompeii. His approach was the essence of discipline and orderliness. He removed all the debris that had piled up during earlier excavations and installed a drainage system to draw off the rainwater. He differed from previous archaeologists because he was the first to believe that a systematic study of the ruins and all that they contained was essential. Only in this way could their past history be thoroughly understood. After tracing the perimeter walls, he mapped out the site and divided it into districts, identifying individual buildings and carefully numbering them in a logical sequence.

Once again, keep in mind that the question requires you to identify 3 key areas:

1.   The problems Fiorelli faced when he began his work.
2.   The methods he employed to restore the ancient city accurately.
3.   How he used the volcanic ash to produce his most dramatic discoveries.

>> Activity: Write down the content points from this paragraph.

Getting the hand of it? Let's move on to the next paragraph!


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