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Paragraph 4

Read the paragraph and pick out the content points.

Through time, Pompeii almost completely slipped from the world's memory. Even among scholars, the precise location of Pompeii remained unknown, primarily because a thick flow of molten rock had poured over the area from eruptions in later years. This had entirely altered the shape of the coast. Also, when the digging to uncover the ruins began in the eighteenth century, the debris from these excavations had been left in scattered heaps around the site, further obscuring it. Rainwater, too, collected and had hastened its decay. These early excavators had acted purely for the sake of plunder; they made no genuine effort to investigate the past. This did not come about until the appointment in 1860 of the archaeologist Fiorelli as director of the excavations.

Keep in mind that the question requires you to identify 3 key areas:

1.   The problems Fiorelli faced when he began his work.
2.   The methods he employed to restore the ancient city accurately.
3.   How he used the volcanic ash to produce his most dramatic discoveries.

>> Activity: Write down the content points from this paragraph.

Done? Let's move on to the next paragraph!


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